All you need to know about Legion War

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All you need to know about Legion War

Post by Chaton on Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:51 pm

First of all, What is Legion War ?

Since the last update, Guild can spread teammates into Legions.
A Legion can only have a maximum of 30 players.
Each Legion are commanded by a Leader.
The Leader can declare war upon an ennemy Legion.
Legion War start every Monday at 10:00am and end on Friday at 10:00pm. Each week counts as a season.
During a Legion War, participants should try to steal as many Trophies as possible. How ? Fighting against an other ennemy Legion.
At the begining each Legion has 1.000 Trophies. Any Legion can attack another Legion to earn Trophies.
If you attack a Legion there will be 3 phases.
Phase 1 > You attack the Thick City Gate. A lot of hp but no dammage (it's a gate) so set up a full nuke team.
Phase 2 > You attack the defending troops with a maximum of 30. It's a PvP phase. Both attacking and defending troop won't refill up hp at the end of a fight. Defending troops are sorted according their power. So the first defending troop will be the most powerfull opponent. If you are really strong you will be able to overcome several players. You will fight until you will die. If you are not able to kill a players after 30 rounds you will be defeated.
! Note that it's very important if you are defeated to tell to your next teammate the composition of the defending troop. So he will set up his team to success easily.
Phase 3 > You attack Eudemon. Less hp than the Gate but a lot of damages to all heroes. If you are tough you can go with 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 2 Nukers, otherwise just go with 5 Nukers. the most important thing is to deal great damages.
Depending how far you will go into these phases, you will be rewarded with Trophies. If you completely wipeout your Legion ennemy you will gain 13 Trophies. If the Gate reamins you will be rewarded by 0 Trophies.
It's the same thing which happens when you are under attack. If the ennemy Legion beat you, you will lose 13 Trophies but if you successfully defend they will earn 0 Trophies. So set up a defending troop because you don't want them to steal your precious trophies and set up an attacking team because you want to steal them their trophies.

If you need more informations about Legion War go check the question mark red icon in Legion War menu. Or come back here and ask.

I/ Where to find the Legion War Menu ?

From the main menu > Guild Menu

From Guild Menu > Legion War Menu

Note that if you are not registered in a Legion, you won't be able to enter this menu.

II/ How to take part into Legion War ?

To take part into Legion War, you first need to be put in a Legion.
You can only be put in a Legion by our sensei Kirito. So ask him and if you are strong, rugged enough and active you should be rewarded.
Be active is a very important point because as a Legion member you will must both attack and defend your Legion. And believe me it worth it.

III/ How to know if I am belonging to a Legion ? Or I want to see my teammates and the other Legion

From the Guild Menu > Members

Then if you are not belonging to a Legion, you will be list into Unspecified

Otherwise > Check Legion Management

Clicking a Legion you will be able to see your teammates, to see if you have set up your defending troop, your leader, if you have launch an attack.
When your defending troop is defending there will be a shield icon. When you have launched an attack there will be a red sword icon next to the shield icon.
Your Leader is the only personn with the permission to find another Legion in the Altar and declare war upon it.

IV/ The Legion War MEnu

IV.1/ Eudemon

Here you can improve Eudemon level (and so his life) contributing with gold or runes.

But who is Eudemon ? During Legion War, your Legion may be attacked by an ennemy Legion. First the ennemy Legion sould bring your gate down, then you will be able to defend with your defending troop in a PvP phase against attackers. If the 30 defending troop of your Legion are beaten, then the ennemy Legion will face Eudemon. So the most hp he will have the most chance you will have to beat ennemies off.
Keep in mind that Eudemon has low hp and he will never be as good as 30 defending troops.

IV.2/ Altar

Well, only the Legion Leader can use the Altar. This is here you can look for an ennemy Legion and declare war upon it.

IV.3/ Institute of War

It was a place where our Boss could use guild xp to unlock weaponery. But as you can see we now have all of them. So nothing to do here anymore.

IV.4/ Command Center

In this menu you can set up your defending troop. Choose heroes, leaderskill, buy a weaponery and select garrison. Then out your heroes in order and select sign up.
Once it's done select squad to see all the defending troop in your Legion

IV.5/ The Thick City Gate

Here you can improve the Thick City Gate level (ans so it hp as for Eudemon). During Legion War, the ennemy Legion will have to bring the Gate down first before to start PvP. So the most hp has the Gate, the most ennemies attackers will be required to break it.

IV.6/ Outland

Here you can set up your attacking troop.

Choose your heroes, leaderskill, buy a weaponery and get ready to fight.
Once your Leader will have choose an ennmy Legion you will be able to attack.

Now put your tem in order. As you may have seen, it's phase 1, so it means I gonna try to break the Thick City Gate. So I put 5 damage dealers and an offensive weaponery

As I broke the Thick City Gate I am now fighting against the 1st defending troop of the ennemy Legion. I can't change my heroes or their positions.

I have been defeated

When you take part into Legion War you will be rewarded by a normal or gold gem pieces, or 1 Dark Elf Equipment piece.

From Outland Menu you can check that you have already attacked

Because I broke the Gate and I fought against the 1st defending troop, I warn my teammates about the composition of the defending troop. And I use the chat to communicate with them. That's very important.

If your Legion break the Thick City Gate, wipeout the all ennemy Legion and killed Eudemon you will see "completed" instead of "attacked"

The Legion Ranking Menu, well here is listed all the active legion from the first to the last. And how many trophies have each Legion.

The Battle Record Menu list everything happens such as which legion you have attacked or which legion have attacked you also the players contribution.

Legion War Reward


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Re: All you need to know about Legion War

Post by Chaton on Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:42 pm

EDIT : At the end of the previous thread I add a picture of Legion War Reward


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Re: All you need to know about Legion War

Post by Tactik on Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:48 pm

Not the worst reward Very Happy
Amazing post once again. Thank you for sharing this with all.

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Re: All you need to know about Legion War

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