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The Colosseum

Post by Chaton on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:52 am

What is the Coloseum ?

Colosseum is the place where you can show off beating your friends or just fighting against all the players.
But it's not a free party there is some rules.
1 > Each players are ranked and you can only fight against a higher ranked player. That's it !
2 > To fight in the Colosseum you will need at least 3 teams and they musn't include same heroes. All teams have to be different.
3 > You can set up 3 attacking teams and register 3 defending teams. Know that if all your attacking teams must be different (no same heroes) they can be the same that your defending teams. That's why you will need soon at least 15 heroes.
4 > When you will attack an opponent you will always be the attacker.
5 > When you will be attacked by an opponent you will always be the defender.
6 > Each rank give you X Merit points per hour. That means first that the highest is your rank and the highest is your reward (Rank 1 gives you 100 Merit points/hour) and in second the longest you keep your rank the most Merits points you will earn.
7 > You can only fight between 18pm GMT+0 and 23pm GMT+0.

Where is the Colosseum ?

The Colosseum main page

You can see your rank and how many Merit points you are getting per hour. Select Collect to...collect your Merit points.
You also see opponents you can fight against, their name, their rank, Merit points they are earning.
When the Colosseum is opened you can at most fight 5 times.
You can challenge an enemy selecting Challenge or use the refresh button if you want to fight against someone else.
Select Set squad to set up your defending and attacking teams.

First we gonna use the Refresh button, I don't wanna fight against my sensei Kirito.
! Notice I gonna show off but I will still try to give good advices Wink

So I've decided to fight against Ohjeh. I will need to set up my squad. Select Set Squad

So this is the first attacking team. Choose your heroes and select Formation

Put your heroes in place and check that you have chosen the good leaderskill
DO the same for teams 2 and 3

You can see that I put only one hero in my third team. The fact is that I don't have 3 good teams and I can't equip 15 heroes. So a broken squad or a single hero is completely the same. What I think is that to defeat my opponent I just need to win 2 rounds so I don't need 3 teams but 2 strong teams.

Once you've set up your teams you can switch them selecting Switch.

When everything is done, don't forget to save your squads.

Now set up your defending troops and save them

Now that we are ready we can fight against an opponent. I chose Ohjeh. Select Challenge

We can only see his first team. (Know that when you fight against the first player you can only see his first hero)

As update is recent I suppose that Ohjeh has 3 teams, 1 strong, 1 medium and 1 weak. And I think that this team is the medium one and that his second team is the strongest and his third team the weakest. So I will face him with my medium one against his medium one, his strongest against my weakest and his weakest against my strongest. It's still time to go back to your squads and switch them (what I have done).

Here the fight

I was right and I won.
It's important to know the strenght of your enemy and to try to foresee the order of his teams.
Of course if you loose you will be able to try again after a 10min cooldown but you would have lost one of your 5 daily attempts.

Now you can see that my rank is 5. And I gonna face Drake

I don't change the order of my teams. I bet that Drake and Ohjeh have the same teams order. medium-strong-low teams

That's a victory !
As I am feeling very confident I will try to face Eusta, the number 1. (Know that it's easier right now to attack than to defend)

Because he is the number one I can't see his teams but only the first hero of his first team and this is an orange Cannon Lady. As Eusta played the last Arena Final with a team including this Cannon Lady I bet that I will face his stronger team first and then his a bit more stronger team and then his weakest team. So I went back to the set up to change the order of my teams. I will face him with my weakest then my strongest and at the end my medium one.

Here the fight


Right now Colosseum is not too hard because there is not yet players with at least 10 orange heroes full geared up, all gears full fortified and enchanted, with full Talent learnt ... So everyone try to have three teams but there is always one strong, one medium and one weak. You need to recognize the first team and so to try to face your opponent with your strongest team against his medium one and your medium team against his weakest. Keep in mind that you need 2 victories so you can loose once.
When you are defending I don't recommend you to put in first you weakest team. The weakest team is easy to spot and it's a win for your opponent.

And last thing, be preapred to be attacked by an opponent you have defeated. This is Colosseum not a tea party, everyone wants to take his payback.


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