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Post by Chaton on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:03 pm

Let's talk a bit about PvP and valuables Orange Heroes
1 > I won't speak here about purple heroes but if you want to know which ones are good I would recommend you to craft Raven Squad and the Four Shadow's Strike
2 > Keep in mind that this topic is written only by me so you might be not agree with me. If it happens be pleased to share your opinion
3 > And also remember that a good Orange Hero is a full geared up hero with talent learnt. Otherwise he is not so good

! I am more talking about substitution, which heroes were used a lot and which ones are going to be used. All orange heroes below are still good fighters in PvP

I/ The most Valuables Orange Heroes - Old Nukers versus New Nukers

I/ 1.DemonWalker versus Brick Meteor Shower


> Initiative skill cast every 3 rounds and hits everybody reducing their physical defense
Good synergy with physical damage dealers as Thief
> Once Talents learnt, he can cast another skill (Vengedul Strike) that hits everyone again dealing huge damages, absorbing HP, reducing target's hp and attack. He can trigger this skill once every 3 rounds when his hp are below 40%
That means DemonWalker owns 2 Initiative Skill, powerful ones. He can heal himself a bit, he also debuff enemies targets
This Hero is a must-have


Brick Meteor Shower

You already know this one. Know that is still a very good hero but in my opinion with the last update he is not as good as he used to be
Brick Meteor Shower cast an initiative skill which deals very huge damages to all the targets but and that's a big BUT he can only cast his initiative skill every 5 rounds

In my opinon PvP fights are going to be really quicker than before. And cast an initiative skill every 5 rounds is too slow. I would recomend you to craft the DemonWalker instead of Brick Meteor Shower
If you already have Brick Meteor Shower know that you can still fight in Arena with and maybe use DemonWalker and Brick Meteor Shower otherwise he has his place in your second attacking team in Colosseum

I/ 2.Thief Ambush versus Hunter Aimed Shot

Thief Ambush

> Initiative skill cast every 3 rounds and hits a single target for massive physical damages.
If he is facing a Healer no doubt that you will one shot him. Except for MT he will deals huge damages to your opponent.
> Once Talents learnt, he has a decent accuracy what is very important when you are a single target damages dealer. Also some crit and lot of crit damage.


Hunter Aimed Shot

Hunter Aimed Shot is a very good hero but Thief Ambush is better in my opinion because Thief Ambush triggers his initiative skill faster and because of his talent Ambush which afford him to cast his initiative skill again when he kills a target
Also Thief Ambush has more Attack than Hunter Aimed Shot
Hunter Aimed Shot is not useless I just think that Thief Ambush is a bit better than him in PvP fight. As Brick Meteor Shower you can use him in your second or third team in Colosseum. Know that Hunter Aimed Shot is still a must-have in PvE. Players that deals the most damages to Thrak the Devourer, Black Dragon Ator, Blue Dragon Magus use this card. Also if you want to be able to clear Solo Hurricane Lower Dungeon in one try you will need him.

I/ 3. Thief Assassinate versus Hunter Multishot

Thief Assassinate

> Initiative skill cast every 3 rounds and hits the back row.
This initiative skill is good. Most of the time there are healers in the back row and healers are known to have few hp. It's a good option to deal damage to them. And if you have DemonWalker in your team is gonna be a bonus.
> Once Talents learnt, initiative skill has 30% chance of stun
That's very interesting. Remember that there are often healers in the back row. That means healers wouldn't able to cast their initiative skill if the thief stun works and also if he plays before them
You also increase your hit and your dodge by 10%. More accuracy is still great in PvP because you don't want to miss a single attack. Also once Thief Assassinate will be equiped you will have a 50% chance to cast your initiative skill again after a dodge. That means more damages to the back row and healers and also another chance to stun the back row


Hunter Multshot

Thief Assassinate is better than Hunter Multishot. I think it's better to have a chance to stun the back row rather than debuff them. Also Thief Assassinate deals better damages than the Hunter Multishot
In my opinion Hunter Multishot have a really nice skin and that's it ! I won't recommend it even if some players use it

I/ 4. Thief Blade Dance versus Priest Soul Curse

Thief Blade Dance

> Initiative Skill cast every 3 rounds and hits 2 random targets applying a bleed effect during 2 rounds which ignores resistances
It's what we call DOT (Damage Over Time). This initiative Skill deals good damages to 2 random targets and those targets will take the same amount of damages twice more just before playing. That means a single target will take X damages by the initiative skill and then X damages when playing a first time by the bleed effect and then a X damages again by the bleed effect when playing a second time. So the amount of damages dealt is very good but the most important thing with the DOT is that a Healer can't heal his teammates every round but only when he triggers his initiative skill. There is no way that a team may outheal you when you are dealing DOT.
> Once Talents learnt, initiative skill hits 3 random targets and the bleed effects lasts 3 times. Thief will also have a decent accuracy and a lot of Attack. Believe me Thief Blade Dance DOT are huge !


Priest Soul Curse

Well in my opinion Thief Blade Dance is gonna be better than Priest Soul Curse. Prriest Soul Curse cast her Initiative Skill each turn and it ignores resistances aswel. But her initiative skill is triggered on a single random opponen. This initiative skill lasts 3 rounds so Soul Curse is quite the same that Blade Dance but Blade Dance spots 3 random targets so finally Blade Dance is better than Soul Curse and the Thief has a synergy with the DemonWalker debuff
Priest Soul Curse is still a good hero

II/ The most Valuables Orange Heroes - Old Healers versus New Healers

II/ 1.Cannon Lady versus Shaman

Cannon Lady Healing Wave

> Initiative skill cast every 3 rounds and only heals 2 tagets but for a huge amount. And once talents learnt your initiative skill will leave an HOT (Heal Over Time) on those 2 allies which is very good against DOT. And be sure that the Thief Blade Dance is gonna be very common in PvP. So Canon Lady will be a very good Healer. Also you have a 10% chance to trigger your initiative skill twice and that's not bad at all.


Shaman Healing Burst

Shaman Healing Burst is still a good Healer but in my opinion Canon Lady is better (and also Priest). And I don't like two of her Talents. Upon death she has 5% chance of resurecting with 100% of her HP, well it never happens. And 1% chance every round of healing a massive amount of HP to 1 ally, well it never happens. But the healing done by Shaman Healing Burst is good and I am not saying she is useless but only good to be in your 2 or 3 team in the Colosseum. There is better option as Healer

III/ Other Valuables Heroes

1.Priest Greater Heal

There is only one reason I really like Priest Greater Heal and that's not because she heals all heroes but because she triggers her initiative skill every 3 rounds starting at the round 2. And that's very good when you know that Thief Blade Dance with his DOT is gonna massively played. So with 2 Healers healing at round 1 and 2, you will heal roughly half of his damages

2.Light Bringer

Well we don't know yet this hero but I bet he will be played. For sure you will see him in Arena. I will post more informations about him when I will have some feedback but right now nobody have crafted him. So wait and see

3.Druid MoonFire

No feedback yet but it sounds like this Druid deals great damages and applies a DOT. I bet we will some players use him. I will just prefer Thief Ambush to him because the Thief takes advantages of the DemonWalker debuff. Druid MoonFire is still a must have in PvE against Red Dragon Elias

4.Lady Holy Light

No feedback yet but I think Lady Holy Light could be played in PvP even if in my opinon I think that Canon Lady Healing Wave, LightBringer and Priest Greater Heal are better.

IV/ Heroes on the wane but still good

1. MT Shield Wall

Maybe the most common orange hero. Well MT is still a valuable hero. A lot of HP, he is rugged with a very good physical resistance and toughness. His Barrier Talent is good with a 20% to be casted. I think he is gonna be rarer in Arena. In my opinion most of players will put him in the External Assist instead of playing with him in Arena. You will absolutly need him to fight in Heroic Dungeon but that's not PvP.

2. Shaman Chain Lihgtning

Shaman Chain Lightning is a good hero. I always liked her. But even with her good damages, the new ring increasing her critical rate by 10% and her 20% chance to stun on critical hit, I don't think you will see her in PvP, only sometimes. Maybe in a team in Colosseum although she has her place in a full critical strike chance team. Up to you to prove me I am wrong

3.MT Whirlwind

A bit more played before the last update, MT Whirlwind deals good damages to all the targets and has a very decent critical strike chance with 15%. You can still use him with the DemonWalker debuff. Or in Colosseum in a squad based on critical strike as Shaman Elemental and her 20% critical hit chance and many other

4. Brick Arcane Missile

Not played that much you won't meet him a lot in PvP. But Brick Arcane Missile is absolutely necessary in PvE against Blue Dragon Magus and Red Dragon Elias also in some Heroic Dungeons

IV/ Conclusion

In PvP you will more and more face DemonWalker and all the Thieves who takes advantages to the DemonWalker debuff. New healers such as CanonLady Healing Waves and LightBringer
So craft those cards if you don't have them yet but keep in mind that all the other heroes I listed (except Hunter Multishot) are still valuables heroes even if they loose their supremacy

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