Evolve a puprple Hero into an orange Hero

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Evolve a puprple Hero into an orange Hero

Post by Chaton on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:27 pm

Fom the Main page select the Enhance Menu

Then select Evolve and your purple +3 Hero

You will need
> A purple +3 Hero at level max
> Initiative Skill max
> 50 Soul Stones
> 500 Universal Pieces
> 5.000.000 gold
Now Evolve your HEro

Go back to the Main Menu and select your Hero

Here your orange Hero Attibutes. Swipe left or right to check his equipment or his talent

You can now learn his Talent spending Talent Certification, Universal Pieces and Gold

But you also can learn from this page a new specialization selecting Open

You will need some materials


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