Arena Setups

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Arena Setups

Post by Tactik on Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:42 am

Feel free to discuss aspects about the arena here.

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Re: Arena Setups

Post by Chaton on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:08 pm

Here a team I maybe will craft depending your opinions. I am wondering if the dodge mechanical worth it so I wanna build up a team around the Thief Assassinate, the one who casts his initiative skill once maximum per round after a dodge.

How I see the future in Arena :

With the Thief Blade Dance, Thief Assassinate, DemonWalker, Fire Brick ... and their huge damages on several targets, I think that the compo 1 Tank, 2 Healers, and a mix between nuker/single target shot/dark qriest is going to vanish. I see more 2 Healers and 3 Nukers in the top 16-8 Arena. I think that fights will be shorter and no possibility anymore to outheal. There won't be anymore fight but only slaughter.
For example : DemonWalker - Thief Blade Dance - Thief Ambush - Thief Assassinate - Fire Brick - and a turn over between Cannon Lady - Lightbringer - Qriest - Shaman - Lady as Healer. That's teams I think we gonna see in a couple of week/month.

So I want to work out on an alternative team supporting by the dodge mechanical and the Thief Assassinate.

Why the Thief Assassinate ?

Thief Assassinate deals quite good damages in the back row and have 30% chance of stun. In the back row there is often one healer and soon I guess two, so deal damages on healers is a good point and stun healers to avoid them to heal and use their initiative skill is really a good option to the victory.
Second point, each round he can cast once his initiative skill if he successfully dodge. And that skill is really overskilled ! So the goal I want to reach is to afford him to cast his initiative skill once each round. That's mean full dodge.

But how to improve to the maximum the Thief dodge ?

Several options

1_ Full gem Dodge lvl 5 to 2 or 1 in each color, and the empty spots remaining with Attack, Life and Hit (you don't wanna miss a single attack)

2_ Lv 5 Team's Dodge Chance +4 (initiative skill). Why not Lv 5 Rogue's Dodge Chance ? Because of the other heroes I want to use in this team. I explain it further.

3_ Using Orange Heroes who can increase the Thief dodge as Winter or Isaac or Hunter

4_ External Assist. Getting the bonus Lv5 Dodge Thief and Lv5 Dodge Winter

Team Heroes :

Winter > Beast Master Specialization (2nd Talent)

_ Initiative Skill : Arcane Shot. A physical attack that hits the front row and lowers their healing taken for 2 rounds. Does not affect Heal Over Tima Abilities.
_ Talent 1 : Increase 1 random ally's critical strike hit chance by 50% after a critical strike. Lasts until ally attacks.
_ Talent 2 : Increase crit by 10%
_ Talent 3 : Increase dodge by 10%
_ Weapon Talent : Increase ally's dodge chance in the front row by 20% after a dodge for a round.

Isaac > Retribution Specialization (2nd Talent)

_ Initiative Skill : Light's Hope. A magical attack that hits enemies in a vertical column.
_ Talent 1 : Light's Hope also reduces enemies hit chance by 20%. Last 2 rounds.
_ Talent 2 : Increases hit chance by 10%
_ Talent 3 : Increases critical hit chance by 10%
_ Weapon Talent : Light's also increases lowest HP ally's critical strike damage by 30%.  Last 1 round.

Hunter > Survival Talent (1st Talent)

_ Initiative Skill : Distracting Shot. A physical attack that hits all ennmies for a small amount of hp and reduces their hit%
_ Talent 1 : Any unit that attacks Hunter has a 20% chance to reduce their own hit chance by 30%. Lasts 3 rounds. Can be triggered once only each round.
_ Talent 2 : increase dodge by 5%
_ Talent 3 : increase dodge by 5%
_ Weapon Talent : Hunter heals for 50% of his hp after he dodges an attack
_ Ring Talent : increase dodge by 10%

Thief > Assassinate Specialization (2nd Talent)

_ Initiative Skill : Assassinate. A physical attack that causes huge damageto the back row.
_ Talent 1 : Assassinate has a 30% chance to stun targets for 1 round.
_ Talent 2 : Increase hit by 10%
_ Talent 3 : Increase dodge by 10%
_ Weapon Talent : 50% chance to trigger Assassinate after a dodge. Can be triggered once each round at most.

And of course one Healer.

Team position :

Winter              Thief
Hunter     <>     Isaac     <>     Healer

First the Winter. If she is attacked and she dodges she will increase by 20% our Thief dodge. Whatevet it be she will hit the front row and reduce their healing taken. This a good point because at this stage no Healer will have played. The most important thing is that we wants her to play before the Thief and maybe increase his dodge.

Second the Thief. At this position we will be attacked by many cards. Which is good only if he has enough dodge, otherwise he will just be wipeout. But I hope with all those dodge bonuses he could dodge most of attacks and cast his initiative skill once each round.

In the back row.
Isaac. The position of Isaac is kinda bet because it will depend a lot your opponent compo. You can put him behind the Winter, behind the Thief or also on the right. The thing is nowadays in arena most of the compo are a U shape. So because your Thief is in the middle it's better to put your Isaac on the right side so he will reduce the hit of two target who will attack your Thief at the next turn. But if there is an opponent on the middle front row, your Isaac won't be usefull to your Thief.

Hunter. Even if he is a tank we don't want him in the front row. His initiative skill is interesting because he will reduce the hit% of all enemies and so increase your Winter and Thief dodge chance next turn. Also when he will be the target of an attack, the enemy will have a chance to reduce his own hit.

Healer. If the dodge mechanical works, only one healer should be enough. Nevertheless I think the Druid can be the best option. Because if your Thief dies, you're dead, so maybe Druid and his resurection Talent can be a safe option.

Last thing :

If you get Apprentice, he is a way better than Isaac in this team


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Re: Arena Setups

Post by Tactik on Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:53 pm

Very nice plan. I've thought about dodge team and I think Kirito did too, but I'm taking the other way with the Demonwalker and double thiefs + 2 heals. The demonwalker hits like a TRUCK when low HP and it stacks with his initiative skill too, so you can crit on ALL 70 000+ then initiative skill 30 000 over that. The damage of demonwalker is too big to ignore in my opinion.
Lightbringer have a very nice role in my dream team because: he will give 5% phisical defense, that means 5% of the damage anyone takes is counted as it would have healed them, and that's quite a lot.
5% reduction also makes u safer from getting 1 shotted. And then, he increase your card's HP by a massive amount. This is again a huge plus for not getting cards dead in 1 turn, >>AND<< the more HP your cards have, the bigger heals they receive from healers, that's another indirect heal bonus.

I hope we meet the teams we plan for in the finals soon Very Happy
Elder Syster seems to be a lot weaker this patch, especially since we can already defeat some, and usually players with ES have WAY better equips and farm than us.

We shall see, great post again, thanks for sharing. I might make a post about my dream team in detail soon also.

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Re: Arena Setups

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