Dungeons > Which ones to farm

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Dungeons > Which ones to farm

Post by Chaton on Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:51 pm

Normal, Elite, Heroic Dungeons all have their advantages, but which ones ?

Normal Dungeons :

With the boost of xp those dungeons are good if you need to level up quickly and increase your leadership.
By the way you need at least 285 leadership points if you want a full orange team geared up and 290 points if you equip them with Dark Elf Ring.
So Normal Dungeons are the best way to farm xp.

The gold bonus is quite good mainly if you require gold to craft equipments or fortify them, but know that is not the main reason to farm Normal Dungeons, in my opinion. Know that now Golden Dragon Whelp Dungeons are a way better to farm gold, even the Normal Golden Dragon Whelp Dungeon, drops are amazing.

Elite Dungeons :

The only advantage in farming Elite Dungeons is to get the free purple card drop each 200 fights. Then you can use this free drop to evolve your blue +3 card into a purple one or you can also use the synthetize menu to decompose this purple card into Universal Pieces if you lack some.

Heroic Dungeons :

Heroic Dungeons are the only way to farm Gold Gem pieces and it woth it. The bonus given by Gold Gems is very important and helpful. Gold Gem pieces drop are very rare so don't wait too much to start farming them.

Also you can loot Normal Gem pieces what is good with the Activation Gem which is very greedy.

The Equipment drop in Heroic Dungeons is interesting aswel, it will afford you to have more Justice Badges to spend at the Shop where to get Soul Stones and Talent Certifications for example.

And sometimes there is a fight against a random opponent at the end of an Heroic Dungeon which will reward you if you win with extra reputaion, gold and xp.

Conclusion :

Farm Normal Dungeons to get enough leadership points and then go fight Heroic Dungeons.
Why ? Because Gold is far from the most important ressources but Gold/Normal Gem pieces and Justice Badges (to buy Soul Stones and Talent Certifications at the Justice Shop) are.
Think about that > Do you want to earn 3 millions gold more everyday or be able to buy 10 Talent Certifications / 3 Soul Stones each day ?


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Re: Dungeons > Which ones to farm

Post by Tactik on Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:27 am

I totally agree with you. Once you have enough universal pieces, there is no reason for you to farm elite dungeons UNLESS you want the occasional 3 reputation.

Normal dungeons are my target after I finish farming all my heroic bosses, for the reasons pointed out above by Chaton.
The rewards on heroic dungeons are amazing, especially at Lava Lakes where there are 2 blue dragons, you can get double item drops from those 2 dungeons.
An excellent way to farm gold there and badges.

I'm thinking on farming bosses AND normal blue dungeons on heroic opposing to the normal dungeons farm. The value is way too high to skip.

The problem is, indeed, your team power, the higher the HC dungeon, the better the rewards.
The heroic progression is fun, hard and challenging. You feel really good and rewarded once you clear a heroic dungeon and progress to the next one.

Thank you for the excellent post, Chaton.
Valuable knowledge written down, as usual from you.


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Re: Dungeons > Which ones to farm

Post by SnubbelDub on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:40 am

Just keep in mind your level of play. When you are a lower level, gold actually is the most important resource. Boosted normal dungeons are not as good as gold dragon dungeons, of course, but the second best gold source. You need to go past a threshold where u can farm pve effectively. You dont need orange heroes, if you cant farm skill fruits, for example. Gem pieces are worthless without a TON of gold to make impactful gems. By the time you have enough gold to actually afford your second or third orange heroe, you will have a lot of soul stones and talent certificates wihtout farming heroics. This, in my opinion, is the moment to start farming ss and tc: when you have your storages full with them, actually start using them and are developed enough to effectively farm then. If you farm heroics before that point, you will greatly slow your development compared to the gold mines that are boosted normal dungeons.


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Re: Dungeons > Which ones to farm

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