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Crusader Adventure

Post by Chaton on Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:03 pm

First at all if you are under lvl 90 you won't be able to fight The Crusader Adventure.
If your level is between 90-100 you will fight the Crusader Campaign or something like this.
If your level is above 100 you will fight the Crusader Adventure.
The difference between Crusader Adventure and Crusader Campaign is that the first one is longer (15 fights and chests vs 5 and 5). And also rewards are a way better.

I hope this topic will help you to fully clear your Crusader Adventure/Campaign in giving you maybe some tips or tactics.

What is the Crusader Adventure ?

Crusader Adventure is a very good event with very good reward. Fighting the Crusader Adventure is the only way to get Crusader Medallion which is the currency to buy orange equipment. So yes the Crusader Adventure worth it and you want to clear it every day !

But the Crusader Adventure is also very challenging. You must fight 15 times to get all rewards and at the end of each fight your heroes won't replenish their life. Also if one of your hero die he will stay dead during all the Crusader Adventure, until the next day. So fights are very important because you want to kill your opponent and at the same time finish the battle with all your life.

What is a good team ?

I recommend you to have 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 2 damages dealers.
Keep in mind that it's better to have other heroes to adjust your team. It may happen that one of your heroes die so you will need to change him. You can't fight with a killed hero in your team.

1 > Purple team

Remind that it's better to have a full geared purple+3 team with synergies than a broken orange heroes squad.

_ Raven Squad. This purple team rocks even with a Feral Druid Helper +2 (Feral Druid Helper +3 need you to pay a monthly pass)

_ Four Shadow's Strike. this purple team rocks too.

That's the two best purple team in my opinion.

2 > Orange team

1 Tank such as MT
2 Healers such as Canon Lady, Priest, Shaman
2 Nukers such as DemonWalker, all Thieves, Shadow Priest, Brick Meteor Shower

Of course you can go with 2 Healers and 3 Nukers but be careful

Some tips

I hope those tips will be useful and avoid you to spend 10 Crusader Medallion to refresh and find another opponent. Because I am very greedy and there is no way I waist my Crusader Medallion Smile


Before each battle, you can send a weak hero to slaughter. That way you will know the ennemy heroes placement. That will give you a great advantage. You should put your heroes in order to kill your opponent fast and save your heroes hp.


If the opponent seems too stronger and you think that you won't be able to defeat him even if you have scouted his team or that you are going to take too much damages there is still an option > to weaken his team.
That's why you will need more heroes than a single team.

Now some pictures from my fights in Crusader Adventure to illustrate my words.

This is my best team

I am facing Puta

I am afraid that his Hunter or his Thief kill my Priest on the first strike. But I don't know where his heroes are put in place.
So I send one hero as a scout. Send one you won't use. Whatever it is. I chose Warlock.

Good job Warlock you gave all the informations I needed
As we can see I musn't put my Priest in second or third place
New team ahead

And that's a Victory !

Now I am facing Excession and this guy is belonging to terranova the most powerful guild in this game. I must be careful because he is strong.
First step I scout him

Although I know his team composition, I think that all his nukers heroes are going to be an issue. I don't want to finish the battle with my HP heroes halved.
Then I decide to send another team to weaken his team.

And it worked perfectly. Notice that I should have sent only my Nukers and not my two Healers. During the fight my nukers are dead first and I lost 1 round because my Healers were still there and so Excession's Priest was able to heal the Brick 1 round more.

So now the team is weakened I can use my first team

But I will put them in place differently. My Fire Brick in first to kill his Blood Elf Mage and his Fire Brick (and also his Fire A) on the first strike. And my MT to take damages from his Brick

This way I still have all my life at the end of the battle

Sometimes an option may be to sacrifice one of your heroes instead of a whole team. In this next example we don't want to weaken the enemy team, we want to win but we bet that we gonna loose a hero.
As you can see I can't put my Priest on both sides of the playboard. I don't want to take the risk to see her die by the Shaman Smite or the Hunter Aimed Shot. So for this fight I will remove Priest from my team and choose Arcane Brick who is also very good in Crusader Arena because he doesn't take damages during the three first rounds.

After all my Arcane Brick don't die but he took a lot of damages so I think my Priest would be dead if she had fought.

I can put back my Priest instead of Arcane Brick and keep going on.

That's it. If you have some other advices, please write them.


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